Ireland Summer Learning Programmes

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Summer is a time for students to receive some much deserved relaxation and fun. However, it can quickly turn into a time where they forget what they learned during the school term – a phenomenon known as “summer learning loss.” Research shows that pupils who do not have any academic engagement through the summer lose 20-30% of what they learned the previous year. Luckily, all it takes are a few mental activities to keep the information fresh.

Tutor Doctor of Ireland offers challenging, fun tuition programmes in the summer to help students stay current with their studies. In fact, we can help your student get ahead and be well-prepared for the next level. The trick to our success lies in our customised approach. We pair each student with a tutor that matches their personality and learning style, so that you get the best experience.

To learn more about our summer tuition programmes in Ireland,
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We understand that pupils work hard to enjoy their summer break. There is no reason to interrupt their vacation! A few hours a week of tutoring is all it takes for your child to stand out in an increasingly competitive academic setting. Our Ireland tutors come to you, allowing your child to learn from the comfort of their own home. Whether your child needs help with English or wants to prepare for an exam, we handle it all!

Other reasons customers trust us:

  • We carefully assess each child’s needs
  • We offer customised tuition
  • We instill strong work ethics & values
  • We offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • We offer one-to-one tutoring services
  • We back our lessons with 15+ years of experience
95% of past clients would recommend us to their friends and family, which is an A in our book!