Home Schooling Tutors in Ireland

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An increasing number of parents are choosing to homeschool their children because it provides the familiar setting of home and customised lesson plans, which allow students to take control of their own education. Our Ireland tutors are familiar with homeschooling styles, as well as national and regional standards. We can help students work through the variety of subjects needed to pass. In fact, we can even assist pupils in graduating early.

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One-To-One Tuition in Ireland

We understand how important your child’s education is – it is the foundation for a successful future. That is why we offer comprehensive tutoring services to ensure they understand the material and do well. Our tuition is more than just having pupils repeat and memorize information. For academic success, students must have knowledge as well as discipline. Our tutors teach both!

Learn some of the “X-skills” we instill:

  • Working Memory
  • Task Initiation & Follow Through
  • Organisation
  • Time Management
  • Control Over Impulses
  • Sustained Attention
  • Goal Directed Persistence

When students first come to us, we carefully assess their learning style, personality, and determine their academic needs. Our tutors in Ireland are hand-picked for each pupil, ensuring a right fit. We incorporate the current curriculum into our customised lesson plans, so your child doesn’t have additional work.

Each student-tutor relationship is built on mutual trust. With our tutor match guarantee, you can rest assured you will have a tutor who is right for your child. In addition to the regular tutoring sessions, we send out weekly progress reports to keep parents in the loop. This way, you can know exactly how well your child is doing in his or her classes.

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