Tuition for the Leaving Certificate

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The Leaving Certificate requires roughly two years to prepare, with schooling geared towards helping students pass this exam. How well one does can determine where they attend university, so getting good predicted and actual grades is important. By starting their grinds early and putting in the effort now, students can greatly improve their changed of receiving offers from top universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, and Russell Group Universities.

At Tutor Doctor of Ireland, we are as invested in helping our students pass their Leaving Cert as you are. We understand how overwhelming it can be to decide which subjects to test in, as it will influence potential vocations. Our Ireland tutors can help pupils decide, offering experienced expertise and opinions. Additionally, we don’t simply help students cram information in their heads, but create customised grinds programmes that provide the tools and skills necessary to do well on the exam.

What sets our Ireland tuition apart from the competition:

  • Weekly progress reports
  • Strong student/parent support system
  • Private, one-to-one tutoring sessions
  • Customised learning programmes
  • Test taking skills & strategies
  • Time-management and pacing for exams

Whether you need to simply review the test materials before your Leaving Cert or want an in-depth preparation, we’re here for you! Dial 076 680 1565 to schedule a free consultation.

One-To-One Tutoring for the Leaving Cert

Since 2000, Tutor Doctor has been helping pass their Leaving Certs. We carefully assess our pupils and determine their strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. A tutor is then chosen based on their subject of expertise and how well they complement the student’s needs. We create tailored grinds programmes that not only assists students in remembering the material but becoming better test takers.

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