Our Approach

The Secret Behind Our Ireland Tutors’ Success

There was a time where private tuition was afforded to only affluent families. However, at Tutor Doctor, we are working to bridge this socio-economic gap by providing customised tutoring programmes for affordable prices. Rather than have pupils regurgitate the information they learn in class, we work closely with them to ensure they actually understand what they were taught. Students are asked to apply their lessons to tangible situations, thus better solidifying the knowledge in their minds.

Our home tutors in Ireland actively impart the skills necessary for academic success, not just book learning. If you are ready to get started, call 076 680 1565!

The Tutor Doctor Difference

Often, students dread going to school because they associate the classroom setting with feelings of stress, anxiety, and fear of failure. Our Ireland tutors understand this, which is why we teach pupils from the comfort of their own homes.

What to expect from the Tutor Doctor process:

  • Assessment – Each individual is carefully assessed for his or her strengths and weaknesses during the initial consultation. We determine their learning styles and suss out their personality.
  • Match – We select a tutor that complements a student’s personality and educational goals. By establishing a relationship grounded in mutual respect and trust, our tutors can better help pupils.
  • Tutor – From reviewing fundamentals to grappling with high-level concepts, we help fill in the gaps in a student’s knowledge.
  • Support – We provide weekly session reports so parents can keep a track of their child’s progress. Families stay in the loop to give better support.

Since 2000, our methods have helped over 200,000 students in over 15 different countries. We have a 95% approval rate with our past clients. We are leaders in the community and trailblazers in the industry.

Call 076 680 1565 to schedule a consultation about our Ireland tuition programmes.