Our Guarantee

Incomparable Tuition in Ireland

At Tutor Doctor of Ireland, we pride ourselves on the level of service and professionalism we provide. All our tutors are Garda-vetted and passionate about what they teach. We are committed to helping students not only understand the material they learn in school, but to be able to apply that knowledge. Furthermore, we tailor our tuition programmes to each individual to match their personality and learning style. We want our pupils to enjoy the sessions from the comfort of their own homes.

If you’re not happy with our tutoring services in Ireland, we offer our Tutor Doctor 60 day guarantee!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We want to change the way pupils view learning by making it more enjoyable. Furthermore, we impart valuable skills they can use outside of the classroom. However, if you or your child is not completely satisfied with our tuition, we can refund any unused tutoring hours for up to 60 days following the date of purchase.

Tutor Match Guarantee

Our tutors are specifically chosen for each student based on their personality, learning style, and educational goals. On the rare chance you are unhappy with your tutor, we will immediately re-assign a new one to better suit your needs.

Experience the Tutor Doctor Difference

Since 2000, Tutor Doctor has been trusted name in tutoring programmes. What started as a small company has grown to include 17,000 tutors in over 15 countries. We have helped 200,000+ students and continue to assist more every day.

Find out what our Ireland home tutors can do for you! Call 076 680 1565 for a free no-obligation consultation!