Safe Guarding

Reliable, Garda Vetted Tutors in Ireland

Tutor Doctor of Ireland prioritizes the safety of our students and their parents. We implement strict safety standards and adhere to the laws to safeguard our clients. You need to be able to trust the tutors you allow into your homes. We strive to earn that trust through every procedure, tutoring session, and policy we implement. You can rest assured that our Garda-Vetted professionals will keep your pupil safe.

Our Safety Policies Include:

  • Safe environments founded on our Education Consultant’s expertise
  • Strict recruitment standards & hiring processes
  • Procedures to monitor & report cases of alleged inappropriate behavior
  • Mandatory, up-to-date Garda checks for every tutor
  • Training tutors to abide by our clear code of conduct
  • Suitability & background checks for all our staff members

Every staff and tutor we hire must undergo a rigorous hiring process and extensive background checks. They are expected to adhere to our policies regarding the security and safety of our pupils. When a student is in our care, we are responsible for their well-being (academically as well as mentally). For that session, their physical and emotional well-being is also under our protection.

Our dedicated private tutors collaborate with parents to safeguard the students. We know that safety starts with us!

Committed to Your Child’s Success

We understand that it can be difficult to choose the right tutor for your child – allow us to do it for you! Our tuition programme in Ireland assess the personality and learning style of every pupil. We carefully choose a tutor that complements their personality and educational goals. Our tutors form a relationship built on mutual trust and respect to foster a safe space for learning.

Allow us to be your partners in your child’s academic success. Dial 076 680 1565 to reach our skilled private tutors in Ireland.