Gaeilge Tutoring Services in Ireland

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Gaeilge is one of the official languages of Ireland. It dates back to the beginning of Irish communication and is part of the Goidelic languages. Knowing Gaeilge can not only open new opportunities, but it can also help you form a deeper understanding and appreciation for our country. Our skilled Gaeilge tutors in Ireland have extensive experience helping students learn this nuanced language. We carefully select a tutor to match your child’s needs and provide private, one-to-one tuition so students are able to learn from the comfort of a familiar environment.

Our tutors can help with:

  • General Gaeilge Homework
  • Reading Literature in Gaeilge
  • Writing the Language
  • Speaking Conversationally

Gaeilge Tuition Programmes in Ireland

At Tutor Doctor, we understand you want your child to do well, but it can be difficult to help them if you’re not familiar with the language they are studying. Our Gaeilge tutors are here to help. We come to your home, so that your child can learn in a familiar setting. Studies show that without the undue pressure of performing in front of an audience, pupils are more receptive to academic help.

Check out the Tutor Doctor process:

  • Assess: We start each student with a full assessment. During this process, we determine their existing knowledge of a language and where they have room for improvement.
  • Match: Each pupil is then paired with a tutor that complements their personality and learning style. We work together to ensure your child succeeds.
  • Tutor: Our Gaeilge tutors work one-to-one with students to help them develop vocabulary, grammar skills, and general fluency. Each lesson is customised to your needs.
  • Support: Parents are given weekly progress reports to update them on their child’s lessons. You can keep current with how well your child is doing.

Our dedicated tutors have helped over 200,000 students in 15 different countries – will your child be next? Call 076 680 1565 to learn more about our language tutoring programmes.