E-Tutoring in Ireland

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The internet has quickly become a necessity in many households. In addition allowing us to advance technology, it has transformed the world into a smaller, more tightly connected place. Family and friends can communicate at faster speeds and vast knowledge is available at the touch of a button. The modern student is no longer simply competing against their fellow compatriots – they are competing with students around the world.

Tutor Doctor of Ireland is considered a trailblazer not only for our tuition but also for our innovation. In 2008, we released cutting-edge, e-tutoring services to address all our client’s needs. Our online tutoring programme in Ireland allows pupils access to tutors from across the pond.

Enjoy tuition from leading scholars – some of whom were educated at Oxford, Trinity College Dublin, the Ivy League, the Russell Group Universities, and more!

The Advantages of E-Tutoring From Tutor Doctor

Since it’s inception, Tutor Doctor has provided reliable tutoring services across the world. With our e-tutoring service, you can have access to a larger spectrum of suitors to fit your needs.

Other advantages of e-tutoring include:

  • Tutors across the world can provide tuition from anywhere
  • Remotely located students can receive top-rated expertise
  • Pupils enjoy tutoring services in the comfort of their own home
  • Allows pupils to compete on a global scale

Tutor Doctor is no stranger to international tuition. We have 17,000 tutors in over 15 different countries who have helped over 200,000 students. Each of our Ireland online tutors bring unique insight into a range of topics and levels. Our students can access world-class educational resources from their living room. Furthermore, we customise each lesson to match a student’s personality and academic goals.

Find out how you can utilize modern amenities with our e-tutoring programme. Call 076 680 1565 or contact us online today!