Junior & Senior Cycle Tuition

Tutors in Ireland Committed to Your Success

Post primary education is when a student truly begins taking subject-by-subject courses and delving into complicated courses in various fields. Subject knowledge is further specialised in Senior Cycle and onward, making it difficult for parents to offer their children the academic support they need. Don’t fret; Tutor Doctor of Ireland is here! As the academic demands on your children increase, so will your need for one of our Ireland tutors.

Since 2000, Tutor Doctor has provided effective instruction for post primary courses for students in all subjects and levels. As leaders in the educational community, we have experience and insight into both national and regional standards. Through in-home tuition personlised to the student’s needs and learning style.

Check out the Tutor Doctor Method:

  • Assess – We carefully assess the student’s strengths and weaknesses to better accommodate their needs. Our lessons are individualised specifically for them.
  • Match – Our tutors in Ireland are carefully selected for each pupil. We take great care to match personalities and educational goals.
  • Tutor – We create tailored lesson plans based on Junior & Senior Cycle curriculums and teach students in the comfort of their own home.
  • Support – Parents are kept current on their child’s progress through weekly reports. This allows you to take an active role in their education as well!

Why Receive Personlised Tuition in Ireland?

Contrary to popular belief, Junior and Senior Cycles were not created to torture students, but to help them in their academic futures. It is a crucial time in a person’s career, which is why it is important they have a solid understanding of their courses and effective study habits. Our tutors work closely to with a pupil to ensure they meet the educational standards. This groundwork not only helps them with long-term future goals, but better prepares them to take their Junior and Leaving Certificates.

For a partner in your child’s Junior & Senior Cycle education, call 076 680 1565! We’ll start you off with a no-obligation, in-home assessment.