ESL Tuition in Ireland

Trusted Tutors for Non-Native English Speakers

As one of the most used languages in the world, English allows an individual to communicate with a wider audience, gain better employment opportunities, and have more marketable skills. However, unless you are a native speaker, it can also be a difficult language to learn. Our ESL tutors in Ireland can help you practice your language skills and become fluent.

At Tutor Doctor, we employ Garda-vetted tutors with experience in language studies. Learning a new language can be time-consuming and confusing – obtain a fluent speaker to simplify the process! Our tutors create customised lesson plans to incorporate the needs of the student.

We can help in the following areas:

  • Comprehension
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Pronunciation
  • & More

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English has a long history of interaction with other languages. Much of our language is borrowed from other European languages, such as Greek, Latin, Scandinavian, and more. As a result, our sentence structures and grammar veer from expectations and have many contradictions and exceptions.

Tutor Doctor has been helping students navigate the complexities of the English language since 2000. We have 15 years of experience to back our tuition programmes. One of the many benefits of our approach is the value we place on one-to-one tutoring. By working privately with one of our ESL tutors, you can practice pronunciation from the comfort of your own home as well as have lessons tailored to your needs.

Other reasons to choose Tutor Doctor:

  • We offer premiere tutoring programmes in ESL
  • We employ tutors who specialise in the language
  • Our tutoring services are customised for your needs
  • We have 17,000 tutors working in 15+ countries
  • We have a tutor match guarantee for your peace of mind

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